Monday, July 07, 2008

Koh Myung Keun: Windows on Nature at Frey Norris

Koh Myung Keun is a photographer/sculptor from Seoul, Korea. His second solo exhibition at Frey Norris Gallery in San Francisco is Windows on Nature. Koh's signature photo-sculptures are made from ink jet prints on transparency, which he laminates between rigid pieces of clear plastic and stitches or welds together with a heat gun, forming three-dimensional hollow boxes in which the different semi-transparent image planes play off of one another. In this show, he looks at natural forms such as trees and foliage, ocean waves, the sky and open fields. The effect is soothing and meditative, perfect for a hot summer afternoon.

Koh Myung Keun, Water 4, 2008

I contributed an essay to the catalogue for the exhibition, published by the gallery. Koh was kind enough to post it on his website, where you can read it.

Windows on Nature runs through August 3. Frey Norris is at 456 Geary Street in San Francisco.

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